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I just got off the phone with Geranium Lakes, the florist I booked for my wedding.  Originally she had quoted me some lower prices ($35 per centerpiece) but on this call I told her I can't go over x amount of money and now she's quoting me $50 per centerpiece (one tall cylinder vase with submerged flowers and a floating candle).  Because I live in Chicago, I’m really not up on the pricing for the Portland area.  In Chicago a centerpiece with 3 cylinders with submerged flowers and floating candles goes for $45.  Is $50 really a reasonable price for a centerpiece?  I guess I’m just shocked that a very similar but larger centerpiece would go for less in Chicago.  With the prices we just talked about I now can’t afford delivery.  I really loved her ideas and she seemed originally to be flexible with budgeting, but now I’m questioning my decision.  Am I just in sticker shock or do these prices seem out of whack?   
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Re: flower pricing

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    Is it possible you can compromise on what is floating in the cylinders to a less expensive flower?  Are you keeping the vases or can those be rented and returned to her?Just some ideas...
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