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Hi ladies! My former roommate is marrying a photographer in a few weeks and his work is amazing! The two of them shoot together and FI and I would love to have them do our wedding. His most expensive package is $3000 but his "friend" discount is $2000. He said he'd be willing to do it for less $ for us if we help them out with some of the expenses. The package would include: 8 hrs shoot time 2 photogs online photo proofs CD with all pics engagement pics We were thinking we could drop the price a little by only doing 7 hrs (that's all we need really) and no e-pics (we'll do them with someone else). They live in WA and I think it'd be around $800 to fly them out. Is $2000 expensive for photography? Should we offer to give them $800 for their plane tickets and ask them to do the wedding for $1200? thoughts! TIA!

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    Well if it helps I am paying around 1700 for my photographer is hawaii. For about 4 hours of photography and copy rights etc. So I think that it might be a pretty good deal but I would get quotes from people on Hawaii just to compare what they are asking to you to it. The worst that you will find is someone else... I think that it would be worth just getting quotes so you can see the differences. :) That is what I would do anyways, you could always play people off of each other... like I can get this for this can you bet that? Good luck!
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    Would you be responsible for their hotels as well?I'm paying 1900$ for basically the same package and a proofing book.
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    $2K is NOT expensive for 8 hours and everything else he is including esp if the $2k covers his travel expenses as well. Our wedding photog in Hawaii was $2K for 6 hours and included trash the dress. If you like the photog's style go for it.
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    I had a local SLC photog shoot my wedding in Kauai, we paid 2100 for our engagements, wedding (8 hours of shooting, 2 photographers), bridals, and our AHR. The reason we got a good deal is because our photog wanted to be able to expand her portfolio...they basically got a freew vacation out of it, and had to shoot our wedding for one day. 
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