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Blackjackers...a? for you...

Since the board is slow...We're heading to Tunica this weekend to do a little gambling.  For those of you who are blackjack players like us...what's your betting strategy?DH and I used to use...win a hand, add a chip to your bet, lose a hand, go back to your original (minimum) bet.When we were in Vegas we met a guy that had an insane amount of chips.  His strategy: Win a hand, stay at same (minimum) bet, lose a hand...triple your bet, as soon as you win...go back to minimum.  It actually worked when we played that way and we left Vegas with more money than we ever had before.So if you're an avid blackjack player...what's your betting strategy?

Re: Blackjackers...a? for you...

  • I usually play like you do, but that sounds like an interesting strategy!  I am off to vegas in a few weeks and will give that a whirl.  I think especially if you see a bunch of 10s and face cards early in the shoe you know your odds of not busting are better.  I like it!
  • I've only played a handful of times but I have always walked away at least $100 ahead.  I really don't up my bet.  Whatever I win goes in my purse so I know I will walk away with something.
  • I don't play much anymore, but in HS some friends and I would go to the casino almost every other day. One of my good friends and I would umpire softball games during summer so we would make $50 a night for 1 1/2 of work. We would usually go take it to the casino and win more. I'm no expert, but I've heard the strategy you are currently using is not a very good way to win. I will usually play pretty cautiously at first betting table minimums and doubling whenever I can. I also usually add to my bet after a push. But once I've doubled my original bet I'll play a similar strategy to the guy you met in vegas. I think the key is you can't be afraid to lose money. For my friend and I in HS we had fun umpiring and then would spend hours at the casino and (if we lost which was seldom) we'd only spend $20 which is as much as going out to eat or to a movie.
  • We play blackjack by the book/chart. Don't ever deviate from it. However, I don't vary my bets very much....I always just play the same amount of chips. You've given me something to think about though!!
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