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Well biotches...tomorrow is my day so as I sit here knotting from my bb while getting my toes did I figured I would make my post... Obviously I never ever thought I would find friendship, caring and such amazing ideas from absolute strangers online - but the knot has not only consumed my wedding and regular life but my poor fiance's life as have all been ridiculously helpful to me, although caused my budget to skyrocket...I gained a very awesome and amazing person as a personal friend (love ya dana) and as well have my personal favs who I hope to meet one day - nicole, chelsea and kristin u gals are great...I genuinely care(d) about a lot of the girls weddings n lives on here and am surprised when. I somehow remember out of the blue "einat is home from hm wonder if she posted pics" or "ooh tiff's back from her hm wonder how it went" lol all the while fi is saying "who the fuckk is einat and tiff" lol nonetheless I hope I have an amazing day tomorrow, ihope all the great things I did off suggestion from all of ya's are great and lastly but certainly not least I cannot wait to marry my justin...I have waited my entire life to find someone who loves me the way he does, who cares so much and genuinely loves ME as is all baggage and damaged goods in tow THANK YOU ladies n gents its been reeeeaaaalllll... See ya (or will see ya soon) on the flipside!!!! Xoxo Kristen

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