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casablanca 1919

HELLO! The Casablanca 1919 will possibly be my wedding dress. I have tried it on, but I also like to see how the dress looks in pictures- real pictures, not the ones with a model from the designer. And we all know the bridal shops will not let you take pictures in your dress (ridiculous!) So I am hoping to find someone out there who has already worn the dress and has pictures of them in it?! Or if you've been to a wedding and have pics of another bride wearing it? Here's a link to see the dress:

Re: casablanca 1919

  • Hello there! I just signed up on the Knot and saw your post. I am getting the Casablanca 1919! I just tried it on today and fell in love with it! I have a few phone pix of me in the dress. I will tell you though that I am getting the one in the color Platinum. It was much more elegant I thought. It is still a white, just with a hint of silver. The bright white just didn't look right on me. If you haven't seen any pix yet and still would like to, just send me a messgae and I can email the pix if you like! Hope this isn't too late in response :)
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