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Do you have a foreign FI? Care to exchange multiculutral wedding tips/ideas?

I'm wondering how many other people have foreign fiances? Where is your FI from? Do his/her relatives speak English? Will you get married only once or twice in both countries? What traditions are you taking/leaving? I'm interested to hear what similar couples are planning...Me, I'm American, but my fiance is French/Japanese. andwe met in China so most of our mutual friends are Chinese or Chinese-Americans. We're getting married in Paris. So, a lot of things are coming up and I'm feeling indecisive and curious as to what other people have done to make their day accessible and enjoyable for everyone despite the potential cultural and linguistic barriers.

Re: Do you have a foreign FI? Care to exchange multiculutral wedding tips/ideas?

  • My fiance is polish american and I'm from Sweden, I've been here for almost 3 years now.We're only having one wedding, my family isn't very big so it wouldn't be too much of a hassle to fly them in =)We are having two head tables. Since in America you either have a sweetheart or a full table with the bridal party and in Sweden the bride and groom sit with their family, parents grandparents siblings aunts and so on.So we are having one with the bridal party and then a second one in front of the fist with family.My mom is Roma and my Dad is Swedish so we are having some Roma customs as well, lite the diklo ceremony. Where my female relatives help me take my veil of and my FMIL helps me put on the diklo. We are printing our invites in different languages. As for the speaking part I think they will all be fine, they all speak english more or less comfortably sop it will be good practice for everyone =)We are also having a party program instead of just a ceremony program explaining all the different traditions.
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