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Nobody to come to Fiance's Bachelor Party :(

I feel so bad for my fiance'. All of his college friends are all around the country now and won't be able to come to his bachelor party. This is pretty much the one party that he's been really excited about, and now he may have about 2 people that are his age. The rest of the people are our fathers and his uncles that are coming down. I don't really know what to say  to him to about it. I just keep saying "I'm sure you're going to have a good time." Any advise?

Re: Nobody to come to Fiance's Bachelor Party :(

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    I am in the same situation just reversed. Our bachelor and bachelorette parties were last night. My best friend called saying she was sick, I felt bad for her (she called today to apologize, just didn't want to go) and the other 4 that showed up and planned what was sounding like an amazing night decided they didn't feel like doing anything so I ended up eating at a little dinner with my mom. Boy do I feel like the biggest moron/loser. But at least my fiancé had a good time, and it really makes me appreciate what a wonderful man I have, and that he's my best friend. So regardless of who is or isn't there I am sure he is very thankful to have you.
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