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I'm sure this question has been asked before, but where have you ladies bought your shoes at for your wedding dress?  I'm having a hard time finding ivory shoes that aren't way expensive or uncomfortable.

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    I am super cheap and into comfort so I bought satin slippers from Isotoner for $18 on Amazon.  Some people aren't into the ballerina slipper look but they are super comfy and am glad I chose them.  Mine were ivory as well.  I may not have the most fashionable shoes but the last thing I want to think about on my wedding day is how bad my feet hurt.  Good luck with it all :)
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    i wore gold coach ballet flats that i got at DSW for a reasonable price. i would check out dsw both in the store and online.
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    I got dance shoes, since they're designed for you to be on your feet for a long time.  :-)  I got them at danceshoesonline dot com.  GL! 
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    I bought my ivory shoes at DSW for $35 ish.   
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    I never did have luck with this one...I found ivory shoes, but they were not affordable (that is a long story no thanks to my alterations) can do a google search and quite a bit comes up...
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    And this is exactly the reason that I wore sneakers on my wedding day :)  
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    Have you thought about NOT wearing ivory/white? I am either going to wear tennies or wear a fun and colorful flat. I have seen in some of the wedding mags that brides are opting for color because the shoes won't be seen in the pictures and then they can wear them after the wedding. GL!
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    I bought blue shoes from DSW online...Gotta love DSW! :) They often run free shipping and if you don't like what you get you can return them to the store by Jordan Creek. Good luck :)
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