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November 2009 Weddings

Nov. 7th invitations mailing???

Good morning!!I am having a dilemma of when to mail out the invites. We are getting married on Nov. 7th and the wedding is out of town, about 2.5 hours away from our home. I was originally going to mail them  Sept. 7th  and have a response date of Oct. 7th. But we have an "A' and "B" guest list so I don't think getting them back by Oct. 7th would give me enough time to mail out the "B" list invites and get a response back. Our final list is due on Oct. 30t. Would I be cutting it too close? When are the other Nov. 7th brides mailing out???ThanksSabrina

Re: Nov. 7th invitations mailing???

  • I am mailing September 7, RSVP by October 7, trying to keep everything on the 7th...Good luck
  • We're mailing them out on Sept. 7th with a response date of Oct. 7t.  It's a bit more difficult with an A and B list.  Is it possible to send out your A list invites two weeks earlier than normal with a response date of Sept. 23rd?  You can start sending out your B list invites as soon as you start receiving responses and list their response date being later than the 23rd.  HTH, GL!
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  • I'm sending mine Sept. 12, since I want the shower to be over before people receive the wedding invite. (My shower is Sept. 13.) I think my RSVP date will be Oct. 16 or a few days before that.
  • We are going to send them out Sept 1 with an RSVP date of Oct 1.
  • I noticed the trend too, Stephanie. I'm curious as to why everyone's doing a month or so out from the wedding for the RSVPs?
  • I mailed mine out on july 17. I live in ohio but my wedding is in florida. so I needed a rsvp earlier than normal so my rsvp date is sept. 18th. 
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  • We actually don't have to have a head count for the reception until closer to the wedding, but the response date for the morning after brunch is earlier so my FMIL wanted 10/7 as the date on that.  So I might as well move my RSVP date too I guess. 
  • Thanks ladies for all of the input!!  I am going to mail them Sept. 1 and RSVP for Oct. 1st. I am thinking I may just cut my "B" list all together.   =)
  • We are going to mail ours on Sept 1st (anniversary of our first date) with a reply due date of Oct 17th.  
  • We're sending ours out around Labor day with an RSVP of Oct 1. We have a B list, too. But I doubt we'll get to it!:-(
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