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co-ed wedding showers?

Ok, so I'm not a very girly girl and have way more quy friends than girl friends. Its weird for me to think of planning any major event where they are not my wedding shower. Is there anything wrong with me having my guy friends at my shower? Or me and my groom both being at the shower (we have basically the same circle of friends)?

Re: co-ed wedding showers?

  • A "couples shower" is a good idea and fun too! FI gets to register at a store for him (exe: Lowe's or Home Depot) for tools etc. My sister did it and it was so cool!
  • We are going to have a co-ed shower too, for friends. I'm sure my mom and his mom will throw more traditional, ladies only showers, which will be fine. But our friends will ALL want to be a part of the bridal shower, so everyone will be invited to that one.
  • I am thinking of having a co-ed shower as well as my fi has just moved to America from Sweden and does not have any family or friends here yet so he can feel more involved.
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