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March 2010 Weddings

How do you address-

-an invitation to a widow.  a) Mrs. Robert Smithb) Mrs. Betty Smith-an invitation to a single woman under 30a) Miss Jane Doeb) Ms. Jane Doe-an invitation to a single woman over 30a) Ms. Jane Doe (?)-an invitation to a non-married couple who lives together  a) Ms. Kelly Miller and Mr. John Cooperb) Miss Kelly Miller and Mr. John Cooper

Re: How do you address-

  • We've done Mrs. Betty Smith for a widow and the whole Miss/Ms thing is tricky. I know technically Ms. is supposed to be used for an "older" single woman, but to me Miss makes me think that I'm still 12. I just used Ms. because I hate personally being called Miss now that I'm over 18.
  • From what I've read on this, for the widow you still address to her husband's name on the outer envelope and if you're using an inner envelope, just use Mrs. Smith. As for the Miss vs. Ms. distinction, there does not seem to be a strict rule. However, I do not associate Ms. with older women...I'm more likely to associate Miss with a young girl. I guess it just depends on the person.
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  • I'm using Miss for my young cousins (all under 12) and everyone else who is single is getting Ms. As for the widow I'm addressing the two I have as "Mrs. Jane Smith". A friend of mine is 40 and lost her husband 2 years ago, I'm not sure how she'd feel getting an invitation with her husbands name on it.  Just another reminder he's gone.
  • I didn't read all the responses, but here are my answers.- An invitation to a widowIt all depends on how she wants to be called.  Either way is actually correct.- Single womenAll single women are Ms. unless they're under 18 which would be a Miss.- Non married coupleThey would need to be on seperate lines to show they aren't married.Ms. Kelly MillerMr. John Cooper
  • I prefer Ms. for professional reasons- I'm not sure what etiquette dictates. It sounds like NavyBaby is right on the money.
  • My grandmother has been a widow since 1980 and I always have addressed anything to her as Mrs. Joan A. Greene so would do the same for the wedding and any other widows invited...Single woman under or over 30 I'd go with Miss in both cases.Non-married, I've received Miss Laura Greene & Mr. William Savio.HTH!!!
  • here's my 2 cents: widow - either orsingle woman under 30 - Ms.single woman over 30 -Ms.non-married couple who lives together - Ms. and Mr.
  • Widow: Depends on how long she's been a widow and how old-fashioned she is. My MIL has been a widow for a long, long time. She's Mrs. Mary Smith now, not Mrs. Phillip Smith. But I work for a cancer org that has to mail to widows all the time and some of them still have on their checks "Mrs. Robert Smith" Young'ns get Miss. Adults get Ms. I'd probably throw the Miss at anybody under 21, but 18 makes sense. I am currently a nonmarried couple that lives together. We're Ms. Randi L and Mr. Anthony L I do that at work also, except I don't do the 2nd line thing unless it's too long to fit on the first line.
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