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  • I think my all-time favorite is actually While You Were Sleeping. I agree that if you want to actually GO to a movie, The Proposal was really cute. My mom dragged me a few weeks ago and I enjoyed it much more than I anticipated.I hated Made of Honor. HATED it. And I *love* Patrick Dempsey. He just couldn't save that one for me.I haven't seen Penelope, but now I really, really want to.
  • Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day was only "meh".  But Amy Adams is excellent, as always, and the Piemaker is adorable.  She sings a couple songs.  Even so, I'm glad I didn't pay to rent it and I don't plan on watching it again.
    "That chick wins at Penises, for sure." -- Fenton
  • Penelope was great, James McAvoy (as per usual) did an awesome job. Also saw Ms. Pettigrew and really couldn't get into it. It wasn't bad or particularly good, just blah.
  • I tried to watch Once but it was just too slow.  I think I gave up about an hour into it.
    "That chick wins at Penises, for sure." -- Fenton
  • My husband likes to make fun of my undying love for Sandra Bullock.
  • I love Sandra Bullock as a personality, but the only movie of hers I've ever liked was Hope Floats and I think that's mainly for Harry Connick, Jr..  Helloooo Harry.
  • I still really like You've Got Mail. 
    Caroline 5/15/11
  • FYI, Fallin, not even Harry can save the horror that was "New In Town". It was the in-flight movie when I flew back from San Fran. I think the screaming child behind me was more entertaining.
  • Yeah, while I don't usually love Sandra Bullock, I hate Renee Zellweger and find her scrunched up face hard to look at.  Bridget Jones is the only way I tolerate her.
  • I typically love just about anything with Sandra Bullock in it, so I'm with Vinny.Kate Hudson is adorable, too. I liked How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. But um, MATTHEW is in it. I'd be lying if I said he didn't contribute in a major way.I also enjoy the Barrymore/Sandler flicks--The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates. But you obviously have to be able to tolerate Sandler, and I know many people can't.Speaking of people you have to be able to tolerate... Will Smith. I really liked Hitch, and that's one my H can handle watching as well.
  • Has anyone seen the Guardian with Ashton Kutcher & Kevin Costner?  I watched it this weekend and I was crying like I've never cried before.  It was an OK movie and the ending was sad very very sad.  
  • I forgot about Hitch.  That is one that my husband and I always watch whenever it is on.  We also always ask each other, "Why don't we own this one?"  My husband and I were made for each other in bad taste heaven.And the comment about Renee Zellw... making the poster want to punch babies (sorry, I am multi-tasking so I missed who said it), that made me uglykristenworklaugh.  Thanks!
  • Phillip Seymour Hoffman? I can't watch my H's man crush without him.  That could be grounds for divorce.  
  • Two more romcoms:Keeping the Faith -- Edward Norton makes this movie adorable in every way, even though the concept is pretty weak.Three to Tango -- Even though it's dripping with stereotypes, I can't help but love it.  Matthew Perry and Neve Campbell are excellent in it.
    "That chick wins at Penises, for sure." -- Fenton
  • Oooh yeah, Sparrow. Good call. Can't forget about the Ryan/Hanks movies. Both Sleepless in Seattle AND You've Got Mail.
  • Three to Tango is that the movie where he pretends to be gay?  If so I like that movie a lot too.
  • Watch it with him then. It's cute and quirky and very funny. I think you'll like it.


  • Oh, Cali.  I love Keeping the Faith and have it on DVD, even though I admit that it's not a high-quality movie.
  • I would go see the Proposal.  I too have an unrelenting addiction to Sandra Bullock with the exception of the Lake House.If you want to go classic rom-com: When Harry Met Sally.  I really enjoy everything in the chick flick genre, so they are all good in my book.  
  • ftnupsftnups member
    Has anyone mentioned Dan in Real Life? I love that one so much I bought it and I rarely buy movie DVDs.
    image Guess who?
  • Phillip Seymour Hoffman? I can't watch my H's man crush without him. That could be grounds for divorce.Your H and my H will have to fight over him.
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  • My H has Gary Oldman as a fall back if he needs him.
  • I know I'm super late on this, but if you haven't seen Chocolat, well, do that.
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  • Just watched new in town this today and thought it was cute, but I am also a sucker for Harry Connick Jr.
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