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I read in a post that you used Chris Jorda. He is booked on my wedding date, but recommended using Alex Rodriguez and told me he shoots with him from time to time. I checked out Alex's website, and I think he may have been the second shooter at your wedding, as some of your photos are on there. If I am correct here, and you recall meeting/working with him, what was your impression? I am meeting with Chris and Alex on Thursday. I love Chris's work and I'm hoping Alex will be similar, but cannot find anyone who has used Alex to give me feedback. If you have any useful info, please bring it on. Thanks!

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    Butting in:  I responded to your post below.  Allie did have his as her second shooter. I am using him in October and also used him for my engagement pictures.  I have two pics in my siggy. I think his work is great and he is so nice and accomodating.
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    Thanks for the info. I really do appreciate it and your engagement pictures are adorable. I'm just trying to get a couple of more opinions. Let me know how your wedding pics come out!
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    ::butting in::she has a pretty good review in her bio, just scroll all the way down.
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    Thanks for the tip! Just read the review in Allie's bio; I have a feeling I am really going to like both Alex & Chris.
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    *butting in, also*I was in fact Allie's MOH (as I am her sister) and all of the photographers she had were incredible. Nice to work with, knew how to get great photos and stay out of the way, and I think it was Alex who was standing in the middle of a babbling stream to take photos of us on a bridge... Chris and Alex are both awesome.
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    you girls are the best... i dont even have to knot anymore!  lol... alex was really great.  he took a few of my fave shots, went out of his way to get a perfect angle (like my sister mentioned above he was IN a stream...) was polite, quiet, funny, and was completely unintrusive.  i think you'll be very happy!! 
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    Thanks for all of the info! I meet with them tomorrow, so I will report back and let you know how it goes. I appreciate your help...the decision-making involved in wedding planning is way more difficult than I ever anticipated!
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