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March 2010 Weddings

Anyone start...

...getting their BM gifts together yet?We just got back from a week in Orlando, and we hit the outlet malls. I hadn't planned on getting this, but I found these cute Coach make-up bags for super cheap, so I bought one for each of my girls. That'll be a part of their little BM basket I'm doing.I know I should be focusing on other elements of the wedding, but I adore my BM and want them to know how much I appreciate them, so I'm putting a lot of time and effort into their gifts. :)
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Re: Anyone start...

  • Not yet. I'm waiting until I start my job in October before I worry about spending money on things like that. Right now FI and I are trying to be more budget conscious since I'm making like 1/4 of what I will be at and putting money towards savings. But as soon as October hits, then I'll be sure hitting up the outlet malls trying to find cute stuff. Is it bad that I'm drooling over a gorgeous pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes though for the wedding?
  • I bought totes and makeup bags for all the BMs but still need to buy what I am putting inside them, but I have been researching and pretty much know what else I am getting them...I knew I wanted to start making those misc. purchases early so we weren't spending so much money all at once!
  • well the first thing i bought when we got engaged were bracelets for my BM because they were on sale and i loved them, i kind of wish i had waited because they were a little expensive and now i can't buy them much more, but i know what you mean about wanting to buy them things!!
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  • Not only did I start, I finished lol.I work at Macy's so I wanted to get their jewelry during their friends and family sale to get an extra 25% off...they have one in December too but I thought with the holidays I might be too busy to get to the mall (plus the crowds!) so I bought their jewelry in April during the last F&F sale.I am also giving the girls little purple mini-totes (same color as BM dresses) and filling them with goodies and attaching a "bridesmaid survival kit" poem...it includes things like a hair brush, bandaids, lotion, chap stick, clear nail polish...etc. I've been picking up these items every few weeks because to buy all of it at once for 10 girls would be an insane amt of money...and even tho its the same in the end I feel better buying it a little at a time LOL :)I also got them heart shaped compact mirrors that come in red leather cases (Things Remembered) with their initials engraved...I got them early as well because I had a coupon and wanted to take advantage of that...I'm a very very early bird loll!!!!
  • I haven't started on the BMs yet but we did buy a few flasks for the guys already - need to buy a few more then that part of their gift will be done.  Its so hard b/c all I want to do is shop shop shop but I don't have the money for it just yet.  I'm buying totes & filling them but will most likely try to hit the outlets for stuff in the fall.
  • I only got the one for my fiance's daughter. She's 12. He gave me a black diamond engagement ring, and I found this pendant that has two platinum coated rings overlapping side by side with a black diamond in the middle. Figured it couldn't get much more perfect than that :) I'm going to pay for their hair/makeup and probably get my MOH a lovely accessory to go with whatever dress she picks out. I'm also getting the whole wedding party some converse all-stars to wear. The dudes will probably wear them for the whole night, but I think we ladies won't change into them until after the ceremony.
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