bouquet toss...or lack of

anyone here not doing a bouquet toss?  just curious.... we're both a little older and have very few single friends.  anyone doing anything different?

Re: bouquet toss...or lack of

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    i've seen people do "breakway" bouquets, where the bundle is really five or 6 smaller bouquets, with fortunes on them....or do an anniversary dance, and give it to the woman married longest.
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    We are not doing the bouquet toss or a garter toss. We've been to weddings where it's just been more of a pain then fun to try to get people together for those types of things. :)
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    We are skipping the bouquet toss and doing an anniversary dance instead.
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    We're skipping the bouquet toss and garter toss, as you get older and the weddings we've been to people DREAD going up in front of everyone. I feel like it makes most people want to hide during that part of the reception...  
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    All of my single friends that are coming are over 40--needless to say, we're not doing a bouquet toss. Also no garter and no anniversary dance. We really just want to have a fun party w/as few interruptions as possible.
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    We're skipping all of that stuff.  I think the toss would be more painful than fun for my single friends.  And we've had some deaths in the family recently that I think would make the anniversary dance really sad as well.  So we're just not doing any of it.  I think everyone will be happier for it.
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    you can give it to someone special in your life ....your Mom for example....KB did that for me...I was completely surprised and honored
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    We are skipping it. My florist is giving me a "toss" one so I am taking that bouquet and mine and giving it to each of our grandparents who are celebrating there 55th and 60th years of marriage this year.
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    I guess I'm the odd man out on this one. We are planning to do a bouquet and garter toss. I've always thought they were fun, but seeing as though the majority of the single people will be college age, it wont be depressing that they are still single. (not than anyone should be depressed about at any age.)
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