WTF are the people who bought the house next door to us so horrible that I need to invent new words to describe them?!?!WTF are lawyers so expensive?
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    Lawyers are expensive because they have to pay a bloody fortune to take the bar.  GRRR which my FI is taking today.  Also I think they like to feel special. End of rant.Why the hell did I decide to get married the week of the FI Bar exam. I need help and he can't help me. Oh yeah I know why because his family wouldn't have been able to come otherwise because they have kids in school. I would now like to point out the irony that we moved our original date to accommodate these people and they can't attend our wedding.WTF did I offer to work up to the day before my wedding WTF was I thinking. I can't focus and am screwing sh!t up.
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    WTF does the study guide for my final have to be so long, I've taken more time making the darn thing than studying it. Wish me luck, this one exam determines if I get HOPE back!
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    WTF do my upstairs neighbors decide to have parties from 1AM-7AM DURING THE WORK WEEK?WTF are they not smart enough to realize that the people below them can hear the bass from the radio, the screaming and yelling, the stomping, running and jumping?WTF do I now have to take time off of work to go meet with the property manager to "work this out"
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    lawyers are expensive because we have a lot of overhead and the more experience we have the more valuable our time becomes--I was $200 cheaper per hour when I was just starting out than I am now after 14 years because I have much more expertise in my field of practice and so my time is worth more.
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    WTF did I just do? I was going through my bookmarks and deleting some of them and somehow all of my links that I saved that were wedding related are missing now. I looked in my recycling bin and they aren't there. Guess I will just have to save them as I come across them again (hopefully). There were some really helpful and good ones.
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