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March 2010 Weddings

Your thoughts - Veils

So, seems like we have a few Marchies (that's what I call y'all) that have gotten some SUPER deals on their wedding veils!Can anybody really tell a difference between a $25.00 veil vs. a $200 one?  Is there that much more craftsmanship that goes into a more expensive veil?  I hate to say it, but the expensive veils I saw at my gown salon (and even Davids Bridal) looked just like a piece of tulle with no style or shape whatsoever.  I'm saying to myself, "200.00 for a elbow veil with not a HINT of pearls or rhinestones?!?"Your thoughts, ladies...Discuss amongst yourselves ;-)

Re: Your thoughts - Veils

  • I was worried about ordering a veil offline because I wouldn't be able to see the craftsmanship so I had my mom pick up the veil I had tried on at David's Bridal. Well, I don't know if it was just being distracted by how much I loved my dress, but to be honest, I am not at all impressed by the quality of the veil. It's an elbow length veil, one tier, with scattered pearls and the pearls are just glued on, not even sewn on. A few even fell off when I took it out of the bag. They "repaired" it but wouldn't let me return it. I wish I had ordered one offline. I mean, it's fine, and I sewed the pearls on (they had holes to be sewn on) myself but I could have saved a lot of money buying online and probably have gotten similar if not better quality.
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  • My mom is a seamstress (she's making my BM dresses, shirts for my GM, FG dress, etc) and said that from her point of view, she is very impressed with the quality of my $22 veil.  There is a thin chord around the edges of all three layers that must be sewn on because there is no sign of glue, but we can't see the stitches.  The rhinestones are sturdily attached, and it's been a while since we've seen such a quality comb, as well.  Not to mention there is no way the layers will come off the comb -- it's stiched through on both sides with no loose thread; it's very well assembled.  The edges are rounded off and cascade over each other in even layers, lending a definite shape and framing me (and I'm sure the dress) very nicely.  I don't think anyone will be able to tell the difference! =]
  • I got a DB veil, and I haven't pulled it out in almost 18 months, so I'll see how it looks when I pull it out next weekend. But I wish I'd gone with one that was cheaper...the quality isn't all that great. A few of my friends got great deals on veils, and they looked fabulous.
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  • I bought a veil that matched my dress, it was even in the runway pictures. It's a designer veil, cathedral length with a blusher. All that probably contributed to the cost, but I loved it, so I just bought it.
  • I loved my veil and bought it at the place where I bought my dress. It was $175 and I thought that was ridiculous but I loved it. After I bought it I wished I had shopped around more because I saw some that were $30 that looked nice too. I didn't try on the cheaper veil but it didn't appear to look like the quality was any less.
  • I agree...I got my dress and veil at DB and the veil was nearly HALF as much as the dress...I got it because I was caught up in the excitement of getting my gown (also bc I got 10% off for buying it the same day and I do love it lol), but yea it's kind of ridiculous that my veil and headpiece total the same amt as my dress alone!!!
  • Tulle is tulle in my opinion.  The main difference is the detail and yes that takes work but I'm not sure its work the high prices.  But its completely different if you find a veil you are absolutely in love with - the I say go for it!I won a cathedral length veil on ebay but its just plain (which I'm ok with) - only problem is that I didn't realize its ivory, not white.  Someone on the budget board listed a veil site with inexpensive veils so I'm going to purchase another one from there - cathedral length with just an edging around it for under $25. I was engaged once before and still have the finger tip veil from that planning.  I will be wearing that over the cathedral one for the ceremony.  The only difference is the detail on it - quality wise both veils are the same.  Since my finger tip veil has some rhinestones & clear beading on it I'm going to attempt to add a few rhinestones to the cathedral veil just for some sparkle.  Obviously I don't have the second cathedral veil yet (will be ordering it w/i the next month or so) so I can't comment on what that's like but what a friend told me was this .... while you *may* be able to feel the difference at times, your guests won't have a clue whether you spend $20 or $200.
  • Well my bridesmaid lent me hers because David's Bridal wanted $200.  She got hers from Michaels for $10 or $15.  It's fingertip length with pearls on it, I think it's beautiful. I ended up going to a local salon to get my dress and that weekend they were offering free veils if you purchase your dress, so I ended up ordering one from them.  This one will have crystals on it and is valued at $300 so we'll see how that compares to the other one.

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  • I guess I should have posted the link to the site I was talking about.  I am getting the 1 tier cathedral veil with pencil edging (they have 2 other options) and scattered rhinestones (you can also do pearls) ... with S&H it comes out to $22.  If it was going to be my all day veil then I might spend the extra money but especially since I will only have it on for the ceremony I'm not spending a ton of money.http://www.valuveil.com/
  • I'm using my sister's veils. She got them free with her gown. they are so beautiful that the day I saw them, I knew I wanted to wear them too...so they're my something borrowed! Honestly, I have no idea how much they would have cost. Her dress was insanely expensive (compared to mine), so I'm sure the store would have charged a fortune for the veils. (She got them for free because she dealt with a lot of drama with her wedding dress, it was very frustrating and very sad). I did not like the veils I saw or tried on at DB. Don't even know how much they were- just put them on with my dress to get the full effect....but I wasn't impressed by them. I really don't think price is going to make a difference. I agree with pp, tulle is tulle. It depends on the cut and the intricacies of the designs or embellishments that you want.
  • Try www.occanseydesigns.com They make custom veils and there are clearance veils there too.  The prices are reasonable.  My friend bought hers there, and it was nice
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