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job-related hilarity

So a friend of Twans who is also friends with the son of the owner of the business I work for (follow that) said to Twan, "So I hear Fenton is always getting in trouble for wearing sandals to work."Um, this has never happened.  I have worn flip flops a few times, but all of the women there wear them.  And no one has said a word about it to me, or anyone else.  I have messaged the friend who relayed this story and asked, "WTF?"  I can only imagine the origins of this story, but you better believe I am wearing flip flops to work tomorrow.
"As of page 2 this might be the most boring argument ever. It's making me long for Rape Day." - Mouse

Re: job-related hilarity

  • That's the most random gossip ever. If he's going to embellish stories to spread around, he should at least make it a good one, like "I hear Fenton is always getting in trouble for making sexual comments to the boss's son" or "I hear Fenton is always talking about fart rolls when she's supposed to be working."
  • You should wear them on your feet AND hands.
  • Your toe cleavage is scandalous.
    image Ready to rumble.
  • You are such a rabble rouser. I am waiting for you to start a flip flop wearing revolution and overthrow the leadership.
  • I want you to find a new job.  Yours is Ca-raa-zy.  Plus your limited knot time is unacceptable.
  • Obviously they are referring to the thong you wear to work every day. The story has just gotten changed as it has been told from person to person and they have replaced thong with sandals.
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