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March 2010 Weddings

AW - My shower date! (maybe)

My mom brought it up tonight...probably December 6.  She'll still be in town then.I'm kind of excited...she's going to call her niece/my MOH this week...since my MOH's house pretty much burned down two weeks ago, we're not holding her to the planning or financial end of things.I think a small shower at my parents' house would be perfect...I'm going to help plan it :-)

Re: AW - My shower date! (maybe)

  • Yay.  Mine will be the weekend after yours.
  • Yay. This reminds me that I need to call my mother to figure out the guest list! Haha. Mine is going to be the weekend before yours so perfect timing!
  • luckyinlove-thanks for asking about my MOH!  she's doing a lot better, but it's been a lot of back and forth with the insurance people.  and her 8 cats have been boarded, so that's getting very very expensive.  she's holding up really well though :-)
  • 8 cats?? Ahh! I'd feel terrible having to board my cats for so long. I'm glad that things in general are going well though.
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  • Really? December? Is it normal to have them four months before the wedding? I never really paid attention to this stuff before, but for some reason I always thought it was about a month out... Or is that just for baby showers?
  • phiaska-I think one month usually is the norm for baby showersthese days, I think people have wedding showers up to 4 months in advance. my wedding is in early March...actually Dec 6 would be the exact 3 month mark for me. 
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