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Are you working the Eagles training camp???  The 2.5 mile "walk" you were complaining about sounds like the drive I used to do every day while in college to get to practice!! EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!  :-)

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    Yup, that's where I am!  This is one hilly campus! :) Are there any shortcuts through the mountains that I can take instead??
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    I don't know of any shortcuts.....we used to drive over the mtn every day.  A really good workout is to find all of the stairs on campus (more so near the classrooms farther down the hill- not the dorms) and run to each staircase and do different exercise.  i.e. fast feet, skip a step, high knees, etc.  It's a fantastic workout (we used to have to do that for track practice).  :-) Say hi to Donovan for me!  :-)
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