Instead of groom's cake...

My groom has decided that he wants bread pudding instead! He hates icing, but he likes cake by itself. He has always loved bread pudding, and he decided he would rather have bread pudding than cake. I think this will add a nice personal touch to our wedding. Is anyone else not doing a groom's cake?

Re: Instead of groom's cake...

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    We haven't decided yet, but will most likely be doing a groom's cake. I think your idea is great though! Definitely add that personal touch and shows your guests something that your groom loves!
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    Thanks! I was really excited about this because up until know, most of the decisions have pretty much been mine (because he says to do whatever I want!), but this is something that is totally his!
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    we're probably just going to do the wedding cake..... we're tired of spending money.  is that terrible?
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    No that is definitely not terrible. Weddings are expensive, and saving money is key! What does your wedding cake look like?
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    no grooms cake for us--he doesn't want one
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    No groom's cake here, either.   I think it's mostly a southern thing anyway...
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    We're not doing a grooms cake. FI doesn't like cake so it'd be a little ironic...
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