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Minnesota-Minneapolis and St. Paul


so...i was just stalking your planning bio...b/c that's what I do when i need a break at work..haha...ANYWAY...I got excited b/c I see you're wearing a La Sposa dress too!! Ours are so similar, but mine's the style Fresa- love your look :) [img]http://tinyurl.com/lkm2d7[/img]
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Re: **ms.ricka**

  • edited December 2011
    Ohhh pretty!Love your dress!I actually haven't been feeling mine lately.  I'm super worried that I look stuffed into it and that the "dress wears me".  I think I just need to get it altered.  I really do love it, I'm just a worrywart.  I think it's too plain.Where did you get your La Sposa at?  I got mine in IL at a little sample dress store.  Fanal just happened to be there and we ordered it in Jan.  It came in way faster than expected!
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