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Limo - WDYT?

Our ceremony starts at 2pm.  The limo driver intends to pick up the guys at 1:15, then pick up me and Big M.  I live so close to the church that its unnecessary that I'm even having the limo pick me up - but whatever, the guy really wanted to. hahaThe ceremony will be approx. 45 mins then we're having a receiving line (us and our parents) with approx 150 guests.Our reception doesn't start until 5 o'clock is approx. 20 minutes away.We have the limo booked for 3 hours - do you think I should extend it for an additional hour? My parents wanted us to go back to their house for some pictures in the yard - but that would screw up with the limo timing and we'd need to add an extra hour....

Re: Limo - WDYT?

  • Could the guys and/or you transport themselves to the church.  That would be cheaper than extending it.
  • How much is the additional hour?  Do you want to take pictures in the yard?
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  • Big M has put a lot of effort into making the yard look FANTASTIC for the soul purpose of pictures. But all the girls are going to be doing pictures in the yard & the RD will be in my parents, I know we're going to get some pictures in the yard.  I don't really see a need to go back to their yard....which I know answers my question somewhat...but I feel like this is one thing Ma Dukes may pout about.The guys don't *need* to be picked, I guess we could maybe skip them being picked up...I'll suggest that to FI - I don't know why I never thought of that.I'm slightly nervous that since we have such a huge gap we may be stuck hanging around waiting with our guests for the cocktail hour...and I'd like to prevent that.  If we went to my parents house after the ceremony for pictures and then to the primary picture location I don't think we'll be hanging around...
  • There's your solution, kick the guys out and hog the limo to yourself :)
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