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Stressing and Feeling Behind (A Little Long)

Hi Ladies:So I need to vent a little because I am starting to stress out because there is so much going on!!To give a quick back story - FI and I have been living in his mom's house since she passed away last year and we have been trying to work with the bank to buy it...but we received a call last week to say it isn't going to happen so now we are working on buying our own place...so while this is very exciting it is very emotional and stressful because 1) the house is getting foreclosed on and we don't know how long we have left there and 2) there are tons of other things that we need to be focusing on like FI's Paramedic school and, oh yeah, planning a wedding that is almost 7 months away!!I have felt really good about the wedding planning and it seemed like I was way ahead of schedule so I wasn't too concerned, but now I am starting to stress a little more about that because I still don't have 2 main vendors booked - the church and DJ, I can't get 2 of my BMs to go try on dresses and pick them out so we can order and of course all the millons of other items (though aside from these things this is kind of the lull in the planning).Besides just needing to vent a little, I guess I am looking for some reassurance that I am not WAY behind in my planning for the wedding? Thanks for listening!

Re: Stressing and Feeling Behind (A Little Long)

  • I agree that you just need to take care of yourself first then worry about all the other things in life. Heck, I've been telling my bridesmaids for MONTHS now that they need to have their dresses ordered by September 1. And with it being almost only one month left until that deadline, the only girl that has ordered her dress is my MOH. Everything will fall into place eventually. I know it may not feel like it right now but everything will.
  • im with the other girls, you will be ok.  i have felt the same way at times, and i am having trouble getting some of my BM's to get in and try on the dress or order them but give them a "deadline" to buy the dress and it's then up to them.  everything will work its way out!
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  • I'm not even bothering with a DJ until later. Way later. There's always a DJ available. Guess that's the bonus of living in a big city. Also not bothering w/ bridesmaid dresses. I told them to go find a black or black and white dress that they feel comfortable in that they will wear again. One of my BM's is 12 and grows an inch every other week, the other one just gave birth in April and is still losing baby weight. I'm in the same boat, 'cause I've been losing weight since a month before we got engaged (27 pounds lost so far!) so I'm not trying dresses on until next month. The church sounds kind of important though. I do have my wedding venue settled and once we got that out of the way, I felt a LOT better about everything else.
  • I feel sort of the same way...I have nothing done yet! I live in Chile, where people usually take a bit less time to plan things, but even so it's a little stressful to come on here and see all the things that other girls are doing and realize I still have all of that in front of me. We're deciding on venue tonight and will pick the caterer most likely over the weekend, so once that's done at least we know the party will happen! It sounds like you've got those two out of the way, so that's a great step.I' made myself a list of everything I have to do and put it in chronological order of when it needs to get done. I only let myself think about the next thing on the list. Keeps me from freaking out about things that don't need to be on my mind quite this early. Maybe you can set a deadline for your BMs and focus on the church over this coming weekend/week to get it off your mind? I'd guess a DJ will be easier to come by, so if you leave it for another couple of weeks it should give you time to deal with other things without getting you totally behind schedule. Good luck!
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