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NWR -- hkiesling

I saw your CW post from today (ew, cheese cakes INSTEAD of a wedding cake???) and I believe you posted something a few weeks back about a Cakewrecks daily posting.....If that indeed was you, you've gotten me addicted to that site!  I go there every morning to see the latest installment --- it's hilarious!Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for turning me to a fantastic site!  :-)

Re: NWR -- hkiesling

  • hkieslinghkiesling member
    edited December 2011
    You are most welcome!  I check CW everyday (www.cakewrecks.com for those playing the home show).  The comments are hilarious. They sort of remind me of James Lileks (Gallary of Regrettable Food, Interior Descecrations).  If you like CW humor, you should check out http://www.lileks.com/. He takes old photos (like 1950s cookbooks or 1970s interior design photos) and pretty much rips them to shreds.  funny stuff.My other daily obsessions (since you care and are bored at work) are:www.icanhascheezburger.com www.ihasahotdog.com www.failblog.org http://comics.com/pearls_before_swinehttp://hkiesling.weebly.com <-- shameless plugWelcome to my world!
  • rkroerrkroer member
    edited December 2011
    I LOVE James Lileks --- I think he is a riot!  I used to be able to check out his site at work (before changing jobs, now it's blocked as it falls under the category "Humor" yes, I'm serious, that's what the error message says) I loved his commentary on the Sears catalog and the Fredricks of Hollywood catalog -- I was in tears many times reading those!  It reminds me of the humor from Mystery Science Theater 3000 --- how I wish that was still on.... Thanks for the other links, I'll def check those out too!
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