So my shower is on Saturday and I am having the hardest time not registry stalking! I know there are A LOT of late shoppers and I really want to check it.... maybe i should... i mean i know all of what i put on there anyway.... ;)


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    OMG...I can't STOP registry stalking and my shower isn't for 3 weeks!!  We actually got a few gifts in this week from people who can't make it.
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    This post made me laugh because I just logged off checking both my registries!  I really haven't been too bad.  But for some reason tonight I decided to check. Even though it's tough try to stay off for the next couple days.  It may make it a bit more fun. Of course I say that and I'll be the one to log on everyday when my shower gets closer! Have fun on Saturday!
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    Go for it. I did and was still pleasantly surprised at my shower. It was fun to see who had gotten what as I opened the gifts.
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    I resisted as for the 2 weeks before my shower.  As hard as it was, I am glad that I did.  I was able to be genuinely happy and surprised as I opened gifts.But...if you really want to look, go for it!  You will appreciate the gifts either way!
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