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Poll: What kind of wedding guest are you?

I read an article today and it's exactly how I feel! Before I started planning my own wedding I didn't realize how important things are. I didn't know ANYTHING about wedding etiquette and I realized I wasn't that great of a guest. It's not that I didn't care or anything, I just never knew any better. Weddings in my family are usually a JOP deal or something similar. Sometimes there's no reception and when there is it's VERY low key. So...what did you do before you started planning your wedding and "knew better"?

Re: Poll: What kind of wedding guest are you?

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    I don't know that I've ever been a "bad" wedding guest, but I will say that I was always pretty bad about sending in the RSVP cards in a timely manner. I would usually wait until the very last possible day to send it in.
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    Ok I'll go. I didn't know you weren't supposed to wear white. I wore a mostly white dress (with a little pink) to my cousin's wedding. I also forgot to RSVP to a wedding (I was out of the country and didn't actually receive the formal invitation until I got back a week before the wedding, is that an excuse?) I did tell the bride in an e-mail that I wouldn't miss it for the world.
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    I'm not sure I've ever been a bad wedding guest, but I certainly didn't understand the rules of etiquette. I always thought that it was one gift per wedding...not per event. I guess technically, a gift is required for each wedding related gift you attend. Me personally, I don't expect it because I know times are tough, but I didn't know that a bridal shower gift and wedding gift were the norm.
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    Normally I'm pretty considerate and "etiquette savy" if you will. But I did notice, while going through some old wedding things I'd collected for when I started to plan my own wedding that I still have an RSVP card for a wedding. Why didn't I send that in? I know I didn't go to the wedding, but really? - SLACK!The one thing I probably didn't think about years in the past as a guest, which actually caused me some stress when planning my own wedding, was what time to show up for a wedding. I was worried, when planning my own, about listing 4:45 as the start time on the invite to make sure all guests are there if I wanted to start the processional at ~ 4:53 or so to have the hour chimed exactly at 5:00 right before I walk down the aisle. When discussing that with my Mom and the Director, they both told me that most guests already know to arrive 15-20minutes early because of this. I can't say I always did that.
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    Oh good point on arrival times - I've always known to show up 15 minutes in advance but I once attended a wedding with a bf who thought we could show up 5 minutes before start. I've seen plenty of people come in right at the start time which really woudl drive me crazy.
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    I've been a bad wedding guest :/ In '04 I was invited to a wedding, I couldnt go but I didn't send a gift. I figured if you werent able to go to the wedding, you didnt have to give a gift. Fail... Then in '07 I was invited to a wedding and it was JUST my name on the invitation, no 'and guest' or anything. The bride was a friend of mine so I called her and said, can I bring Ryan (we'd been dating 6 months at that point), I figured she probably MEANT to include him but didnt put his name on the invite. Fail again... ;) Last year we went to a wedding and I verbally gave my RSVP. The bride finally called us and said PLEASE send in your RSVP, even if you hand it to me. Needless to say, now I *get it* on all these counts. ;)
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    I never sent a gift to a wedding I was invited to but didn't attend.  To my credit, these were always weddings where I vaguely knew the person and I have no freakin' clue why I was invited to begin with!
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