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New Hampshire

knottie vibes please!

Okay so I just checked the 10 day forecast and they are predicting rain - i need knottie vibes! I dont want to cover my white dress in grass stains :(  soo more knottie vibes would be appreciated! on top of those already received from the fabulous ms Candice  ;)

Re: knottie vibes please!

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    ****LOTS OF KNOTTIE VIBES!****try not to worry too much though... i was *constantly* freaking out about the weather since day 15 (yes... accuweather.com has 15 day forecasts!), and even the day before my wedding there was 60-70% chance of rain, and yet on the day it was down to 10% and it only drizzled for about 5 minutes with lots of sun!
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    Advice - DO NOT let yourself stress over it. I will admit when all the girls on here were telling me not to stress I wanted to scream (especially since so many of them had beautiful weather) BUT then I remembered that the weather is the one thing you have absolutely no control over. Have a plan B and hope for the best!I will do an anti- rain dance for you. ;)
  • PokesPokes member
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    Try not to worry about it too much!! There is nothing you can do about it so you just have to go with the flow. It rained on my wedding day and now all I have to show for it is a lot of pictures of me looking grumpy! And dont worry about the dress... once the day comes you dont worry about it getting all dirty... plus I washes out.. I know from experence!!On a happy note... weather can't be predicted 10 days out... 2 days is the furtherest out the can predict accuratly... so everything can change!
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    I was in your shoes last year. It rained the day before my wedding.. and my day was suppose to pour. I lucked out with 70 degree weather at the end of October. I have seen some very gorgeous wedding pictures in the rain.
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    I have no words for you.  I had an outdoor ceremony and my "back up plan" was almost non-existent.  I was married the day before Amye and it DID rain, but held off for the ceremony.  And we have AMAZING pictures because of the overcast.That said I was FLIPPING OUT about the weather and God help anyone who told me not to stress about it.  I still have panic attacks when the weather reports come on.I will cross my fingers and toes for you and send along vibes
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    It rained the *whole weekend* of my wedding! I'm talking torrential downpours during/after the RD and during the day before BBQ! It cleared up during our reception and DH and i took some great pics outside! The cloud cover is a natural light filter! ;) But you'll have a fabulous day!
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    Sending Knottie vibes your way!!!! 
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    It's true you can't control it, but it is probably the most stressful thing to deal with in the final few days. Don't worry about the gown! Most of the dirt will be on the underside, and you will have a handful of people willing to carry the train for you over heavy duty terrain! Just try to relax and enjoy the day for what it will be - your wedding day!
    Christina 10.26.08
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