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August 2009 Weddings

vendor meals

I am looking for opinions on vendor meals. What are you all doing for your vendors (photogs, musicians, etc). I spoke to my venue and I can't offer them a different meal for my guests. I feel like I am already paying them a lot of money plus a tip and I am expected to give them a $45 meal as well??!! What are you all doing for your vendors?
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Re: vendor meals

  • I am providing a meal for any of my vendors that will be there for the entire reception.  I have my photographer for 8 hours and couldn't imagine not providing a meal to him.  I am also providing a meal for the DJ.  My venue does have a vendor meal option, but even if they didn't, I would provide a meal for them. 
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  • My venue has 2 options - the full meal, which is around $66+tax and tip, and a sandwich service, which is $17+tax and tip. I haven't decided yet which to do although I am leaning toward the cheaper one! If anyone else has a choice like this, I would like to hear what you are doing!
  • I'm with you skiwic8, but it is what it is... are you sure you can't negotiate a vendor meal with your venue?  I'm going to try today:)  Didn't even think of it until you posted it!  Thank you!
  • I'm paying for a half-priced menu for my vendors, but that'll still come to 40$ each... I has an envy.
  • esuvakesuvak member
    My venue provides vendor meals at a signficant discount.  They're basically the same meal, just without the appetizer/salad (i.e. just the entree).  You really should provide your vendors a meal, though, if they're going to be with you all day.  I think some of my vendor contracts even stated that specifically!  But try to negotiate a better price with your venue.
  • I'm going to talk to my venue today. They never mentioned if they had vendor meals or not. But either way, it's just my dj and photog that I need to provide a meal for. My photog will be with us from 3-11, so I know she'll be hungry. The way I look at it is they are working hard, and I know I dont work as well when I am hungry. I want them at their top energy level! :)
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  • My vendors are at a cheaper rate. They get the same food, but no alcohol for 20 bucks a head. Our regular is 64 per person, so this is good!
  • mrbw77mrbw77 member
    I am choosing not to tip my photog, DJ, ceremony musician, etc.  Instead, I am buying their meal. 
  • I bought them regular meals and just included them in the head count. Our hall didn't offer vendor meals. Oh well. They all run their own business, so I won't be tipping. They were ecstatic that I actually offered them a choice.
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  • Here's a question related...my venue wants to know which table our vendor will be sitting at or what they'll be doing in regards to that.  The DJ can just eat at his station, but what about the photographers??  I don't want them just sitting down with my guests!  What are you plans for that?
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  • I am going to be asking about this when I call to give my final count today. But if they dont have discounted prices I will still be getting them the same meal as our guests. As for where to sit our photog there is an extra seat at my parents table, and I doubt he will sit much.
  • our vendors are having the same meal as everyone else, they are sitting with the guests so giving them a different meal just seems awkward to me.
  • We ended up doing a vendor table. It's right in front of the DJ speakers, so I didn't want to sit anyone else there. It's a table of 5, which is small, but it was the easiest way.
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  • Oy. I wrote a post about this exact topic in my blog actually :) Basically I feel that you really need to feed your vendors. It sucks that your caterer doesn't have a different menu option for them, but these are people who are going to be busting their a$$ during your wedding day and working long hours to keep everyone happy so it's just plain good manners to provide them food. $45 might seem steep but you don't want anyone getting lightheaded or cranky because of hunger and really they are going to perform better with a good meal in their systems
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  • I'm doing a buffet and beings I and my fam are making all the food I know there will be tons. so I told all my vendors to feel free to eat but to wait until all the guest have made one pass.
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