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Incredibly Lucky Twist of Fate

I wasn't even planning on going dress shopping today. I had had my eye on a Casablanca dress that I thought was "the one."  I got an e-mail from a couture bridal shop in town saying that tomorrow and Saturday, in connection with the tax-free weekend here in MS, they were marking all their clearance dresses to $99 so they would be tax-free.  I asked my mother and she said, "Oh, we might stop buy but I just don't know."  Flash forward to a couple hours later.  We went by a restaurant in town so I could put in an application and had some time left before we had to be anywhere else. My mother, who has been apprehensive about wedding planning lately due to strained finances said, "Well, I guess..if you want, we could go by that bridal shop and just *see* if they have any plus sizes."  So we did.We walk in and they have 3 dresses in my size.  I didn't like any of them on the rack, but I put them on anyway and ended up finding a lovely dress that fits like a glove.  I am usually VERY hard to fit. I cannot find a pair of pants to save my life, but the second dress I put on...ever, since I got engaged, was the one.  I love love love it and the beading will be perfect with my 1940's theme.  I'm just sooo excited, I had to share.

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