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Hi ladies! I am having an impossible time deciding which length veil to go with for my gown so I thought maybe you could help me decide. I originally wanted a cathedral length veil (before I bought my dress) but now i'm concerned it takes away from the gown.Tell me which you like better...[img][/img]here is a pic of me in my dress.[img][/img]fingertip length[img][/img]

Re: Veil Opinions

  • I like the fingertip veil much better! Love the dress, very elegant.
  • I like the finger-tip length veil as well.  I think it lets the back of the dress be more of the star.
  • Agreed, fingertip is a much better look with your dress. I love the neckline of your dress!
  • I'm partial to the cathedral veil I love detail at the bottom of it!
  • Thanks ladies! I love my dress, but I didn't realize picking a veil would be so hard LOL.
  • I vote for fingertip, as well!  I think it flows really well with your dress, making for some lovely lines that complement your figure and the style of the dress.
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  • I like the fingertip but have you tried a bit longer with knee length?  It might hit just a bit lower right where the bustling on the dress starts.
  • seek - I haven't tried that length, I'll have to try it out!
  • I'm going to be different! I love the cathedral length veil & the detailing on the bottom. I think it's okay because there isn't much detail on the back of your dress. But btw, that dress is fantastic & looks great on you! :)
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  • Thanks, I LOVE my dress and couldn't be happier (plus I got it at the Running of the Brides sale for 10% of the original cost)! Cathedral (and the detailing) is my fav. so I'm glad to get at least a few votes for that length LOL.
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