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Bouquet Dilemma

So this month's siggy pics got me to peruse a some more bouquets and now the one in my signature is something I really like and think I want for my wedding, that's, well, you know, 6 weeks away.  I know my florist will be open to changing it for me, but I'm wondering what it will look like against what I've picked out for my BMs:[img]http://media.theknot.com/ImageStage/Objects/0003/0033511/large_image.jpg[/img]They wouldn't have as much green in it--not the button mums.  As it is my current bouquet is just like the BMs, but bigger and with stephanotis (sp?).  Would it be too strange for me to carry the one in my signature and them to have this pink one?

Re: Bouquet Dilemma

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    Hmm...I was going to type a response before, but I'm not sure what to tell you. IMHO, as long as you don't mind the flowers not being all matchy-matchy, it would look fine! They're still in the same color palette. Just my 2 cents- I say go with what you love the most, b/c you only get a bouquet once! :-)
  • themissizzthemissizz member
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    Ehh, I would notice the difference, but I'm not too sure most people would.  I feel like there's a pretty big difference in the formality of your BMs' bouquets and the one in your signature.  If you were going to change yours, I would also change theirs.  I think you'll see the difference in pictures as well- the BMs' bouquets will be brighter and more vibrant while yours will be more muted.

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    See I'm too lazy to dream up the whole flower scheme again and I know if I try to match the rest of the flowers to the dream bouquet, the costs will jump (and I'm REALLY happy with my flower budget). I guess I just needed someone else to say "Yes, Colleen, they don't match and it will look weird.":)
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    so you dont want as much green in the BM ones?  Put some white in there to mute the colors, and keep your siggy pic extacly the same EXCEPT put a little more of those colorful flowers in. That's what I would do to make the BM less bright and make yours a little brighter.  Just a thought...a happy medium
  • McBridetobeMcBridetobe member
    edited December 2011
    I agree with Sara.  Add some white and less green to the BM ones and maybe make the one in your siggy a little brighter.  I like both of them a lot!  :)
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    That's a good suggestion Sara. Thanks!  The intention is to already have a lot less green in the BMs bouquets, so maybe if we added the hot pink roses into the signature one and white roses to the BMs...hmm.  I better email the florist.Thanks!
  • morainemommorainemom member
    edited December 2011
    What if you got the gerbera daisies in the soft pink shade?
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