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Alterations at David's Bridal..

I bought my gown at David's Bridal where I am also going to get it altered when it gets a little closer to the wedding date. My dress has some wrinkles in it though.. so when they do the alterations do they get the wrinkles out too? If not, what is the best way to get them out?

Re: Alterations at David's Bridal..

  • Ps. When should I get it altered?? I am thinking they said 6 weeks before the wedding, is that right? I don't need any major alterations, pretty much just the bust and stomach taken in a little.. (the length is perfect)
  • If I were you, I would not have David's Bridal alter the dress. I've heard a few nightmare stories about their service and their alteration costs are higher than other shops. Go on your local board and ask for seamstress recommendation, so that way you can begin to get quotes (most do not charge for steaming the dress). I hope that helps you out!
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  • girllennon - JoelleWhat dress do you have?  It's GORGEOUS!!!!    LOVE IT
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