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August 2009 Weddings

Rehearsal Dinner Invites

Hi girls!  If you sent out Rehearsal Dinner invites, when did you do it?  I don't know if now is too early or not. I have to have a final count on 8/26. TIA

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Invites

  • I sent mine out maybe 3 weeks in advance.
  • about a month out...I think. I'm not sure because my FMIL did it. We needed an RSVP date, so I told her to give her some time since my friends don't conceptualize RSVP at all. They were some of the last to reply to the wedding and they're in the wedding party. That shouldn't have been hard.
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  • I did our a couple of weeks before, but I pretty much already knew who would able to come and who wouldn't.
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  • We sent ours a week after the wedding invites went out. I don't think it's ever too early to send them out, as long as the wedding invites have gone out. I know I always appreciate knowing about these things in advance, especially if I'm coming in from out of town.
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    I just have to get some more stamps, then mine are going out.  Now is probably fine.I figured I'd wait until the invitees at least responded to the wedding invite, but they haven't all yet, so whatever!
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  • Aug. 26th is my birthday...and the day my students come back to school (boo!) I sent ours out about three weeks out as well, though they are super casual and we don't need numbers since it is a BBQ.  Actually, I was surprised when a GM called the other night to RSVP...I said, "Oh, thanks.  We put the phone numbers on there, but didn't really expect calls.  You are the first RSVP!" Anyway, I would say now is okay...just put an earlier RsVP date on it.  That way you won't be tracking people down right before you have to have a final count.
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  • I did 4 weeks in advance..
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