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Is this even possible?

Does anyone know if it's possible to take a pair of shoes to a shoe repair shop and have them reduce the heel? I know they're able to repair heels but I was wondering if this is even possible. FI is only 3 inches taller than me and finding cute short heels are either impossible to find or ridiculously expensive.

Re: Is this even possible?

  • Yep, Yep, Yep! You can most definitley reduce the heel and make it shorter. A bride-friend of mine that I knew did that because her and her FI were the exact same height. I actually having my shoe heel reduced because I'm about an inch or so taller than FI.
  • I am acutally having to do this too!  I have 2.5" heels right now, and that is too tall for my dress (and I am short!).  Just make sure that you get fitted for your dress and try on different heels to know the correct height, and take your shoes to a shoe repairman who has done this before.  I'm sure we have all spent way to long searching to have our shoes messed up!  The best part is, the guy that is doing mine says it is under $20 to have it done!
  • Yes you can take them to a good and reliable spot, but i have had it done several time on shoes as well im doing into my heels as well because FI and i have the kimora and ruselll simmons height thing going on...(lol)
  • Thanks ladies. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one considering this. I spoke to my mom and unfortunately the person who has always done our shoes back home went out of business, but I'll be searching for someone good now to get it done!
  • Misa--Oooh, that's a good idea!! I need to do that as well.  Glad you asked that question. I was considering wearing ballet shoes under my dress but hadn't decided yet.mrsthompson--you and I are in the same boat. I'm about an inch taller than FI.
  • wow - I didn't even think of that.  I too have been struggling to find shoes that I like b/c I have been looking for flats (and they are all too informal), but this is a great idea.   
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