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August 2009 Weddings

Friday is owie too...

I fell asleep last night reading while waiting for the dryer to finish so I could put another load in and I must have fallen asleep weird, because today I have a twinge in my lower back.Ouch.  Advil?  Check.  Warmed magic bag?  Check.  Triple Venti Nonfat Latte?  Check.  I figure I should be good soon.  The guy at Starbucks even drew a sun around the order section on my cup.  How very nice.Not much WR on the go this weekend.  We're heading out to see the BM and his wife and kids tonight so Derek can help him install his fence tomorrow before the kids party.  Then further east to celebrate FSILs 25 birthday.  Then long weekend goodness.What about everyone else?
We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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Re: Friday is owie too...

  • I hate when I sleep funny. It ruins my whole day. Hopefully your magic hot bag will do the trick. This weekend I'm having my bachelorette party, tonight! Tomorrow I have to pick up a few dresses that we had pressed, drop my ring off at the jewelers to get all polished and shined up. Then I have to hit the other jewelry store to have a few pieces inspected so I don't lose the warranty. I need to make a return to Target and pick up my dad's wedding present hopefully. Then it will be wrapping WP gifts all weekend and trying to enjoy the last weekend as a single lady!
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  • OUCH! Heading to Victoria tomorrow !!! spending today getting all packed up we have so much to take, then tomorrow is the 12 hour drive/ferry ride. I am super excited to see my family, especially my nephews (I heart them), and cram a crap load of wedding stuff into 6 days :o)
  • Raynes - no extreme sports for you. If catching prickly objects or falling asleep in random places does this to you, I'd hate to see what something like wake boarding does. Ains - I love the ferry to Victoria! It's so chilled out and relaxed.
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    Ha, me?  Wakeboarding?  You are funny kaesha.  I once made it up on waterskis, then said, "Sweet, I made it up!  I'm done."My brothers wakeboard.....  And yes, I'm a mess these last few days.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • We are meeting friends somewhere for dinner tonight, which I am excited about.  Today I have to print placecards, go to Wal-mart and get some photos printed, finish my annotated bibliography and paper for my grad class, and work out... Tomorrow I am thinking about going to a luau at a friend's house for a few hours in the afternoon.  FI is out of town for his b-party tomorrow night, so I have the house to myself for the night... Sunday...maybe starting to organize and pack to head to my parents' on Tuesday before the wedding!  Oh, and laundry...lots of laundry...
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  • Oh! Weekend plans = flailing wildly 'cause we'll be leaving in 9 days. Meep!
  • I gotta be at 100% productivity this weekend... all wedding "tasks" and crafts and errands and etc (grammar police?) need to get done.  Next weekend is B-Party and then there will be two weekends that I don't really want to spend shopping and crafting, but instead enjoying the time as a happy Bride-to-be... not a stressed out one...

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  • Raynes, stop hurting yourself! For the weekend: today I'm doing the final meeting with our venue, finishing up placecards, and going to a local Knottie GTG. Tomorrow is my last day of work before the wedding (woohoo!) and I only have to work a 3/4 day, cuz my bachelorette party is tomorrow night. My 3/4 day is still an 8 hr day though cuz I usually work 12s. Sunday is the first day in months FI and I actually have all day off together, so I'll be putting him to work tieing ribbons on bubbles. Haha.
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  • I'm having my b-party this weekend (FI is too), so that's all we have planned. I might try to find/make a card box while I'm hungover on Sunday... if I can function.
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  • Tonight Fi and I are getting the last things for our wp gifts and going to finish wrapping them. Tomorrow I'm going to try and unpack some of my clothes into our new house. Hopefully Sunday I'm going to finish packing for the honeymoon.
  • Tonight I need to finish our wedding video, and tomorrow is my B-party (FI's too!)... FI's mom will be here some time tomorrow (she is coming up from CA for the wedding) and Sunday I just want to wrap all the gifts. I am giving myself a cut-off day of Wednesday so I can have a few days to relax before the wedding!I'm getting soo worn out, so tired from running around. I woke up REALLY late this morning and was late for work. I think I need more sleep!
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  • Ouchie!!  I get lots of weird twinges when I belly dance, sort of an occupational hazard lol!  My secret; a pint of Ben & Jerry's, my massage chair, and a really good chiropractor.  This weekend...my mom is coming over today and we're going to start making cream cheese mints for the wedding.  Saturday I work (natch) but Sunday I'm off early and we're going up to the Sturgis Rally!!  Bikes have been coming in all week and I love, love, looooove the sound of their engines!  I think my soul will weep next year when we move to WI and I won't get to see and hear the bikes anymore :(
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  • cutting out of work in about an hour to do WR things (printing programs and menus and doing centerpieces) and run errands all over town. Tomorrow, pick up dress in the am, pick up son from Japan trip in the pm. Sunday, hopefully do the last of the WR things so I only have to pack for the HM the rest of the week.
  • Tonight I'm working until 10pm....surprise! Saturday ~go to framer to pick out a mat and pen for our 'guest book' ~make up trial ~bachelorette Sunday ~going to chill during the day ~evening, go to FI and assign numbers to tables, get info ready for venue to give on Friday ~play and do not play list for reception
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  •  I am doing wedding stuff as soon as I am done working at 3.  I need to print the programs, and drop of the wedding annoucement to the paper. B-party tommorrow so Sunday I will be hung over all day.

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