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September 2009 Weddings


This is going to make me look like a total geek but Peyton Elizabeth is the name of a One Tree Hill character.I love the name Peyton for a girl...but Doug and I are Colts fans and I know that living in New England and naming our daughter, Peyton our families would never let us live it down that we named our DAUGHTER after our quarterback. haha
[ Jill & Doug September 6, 2009 ][ The Lighthouse Diaries ]


Re: Jend

  • hahaha! Actually Peyton is for the character on oth. I have loved her from the beginning and I think shes an awesome person. Elizabeth is a coincidence. It was my nanny's name, my moms middle name and mine so I am passing it on. People always say something about the colts and I put them in their place right away.
  • I don't know WTF you're talking about, but I less than three One Tree Hill. Just started watching from the beginning. Am about halfway through season 1.
    image Gone too Soon.
  • I watched them all last summer again and it was just as good the second time around. The past two seasons kinda sucked, but you're watching the best.
  • Haha...I just finished watching ALL the seasons.  For about a month I was such a waste of space...I just went home from work and watched One Tree Hill. THEN - when I got all caught up - I went online and just googled the show.  Here's a spoiler for you - Lucas and Peyton are not coming back next season.
    [ Jill & Doug September 6, 2009 ][ The Lighthouse Diaries ]

  • I know!!! I was pissed. So dumb. There is no show without them but whatever. I'll probably watch just because I love it so much but i dont have high expectations.
  • Yeah...I don't get how they can have the show without them considering the original storyline was pretty much about Lucas. Ahh well - I'm a big fan of Nathan and Haley so I'll keep watching.
    [ Jill & Doug September 6, 2009 ][ The Lighthouse Diaries ]

  • Yea Naley are super cute. I hear they are concentrating more on some other main characters now along with some new. So I think it is going to be more of them, and more of Brooke.
  • what is going on in here?! I'm sorry, for a second there I thought I was in high school.  
  • Andrea - hushup!
    [ Jill & Doug September 6, 2009 ][ The Lighthouse Diaries ]

  • I don't like one tree hill (sorry) but we are HUGE COLTS FANS!!!! WOOHOO!!!!
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