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September 2009 Weddings

PSA: Squeem

OMFG. I thought spanx sucked you in. I had a wardrobe malfunction (no not really) but the bra I ordered online is WAY too big and because I wore it to my fitting and took off the tag, I can't return it for a smaller one. I was in a plus size store and they have the squeem. It is a medieval torture chamber... however, it sucks you in like 2 inches... and because of the material, it's supposed to make you lose water weight. IDK but I like the waist cinching aspect.

Re: PSA: Squeem

  • I. Need. THIS!!!! Any ideas on what stores carry it?  The website itself isnt very helpful...
  • lose water weight?  It sounds like it would just make you sweat really badly underneath... ick!

    "My best friend is a pitbull."

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  • I had the same issue. I just got my Medium size underpants and they don't do anything for me. They don't even feel tight. How exactly are they supposed to fee because I am not spending 65 bucks on stuff that don't work.
  • MeegMeeg member
    Dalto, depending on the size, they have it at amazon.. though you really should be fitted for it. I went to a store down here. There are some online places selling it when you google... and you could order based on your dress size.
  • THEY also have a sizing chart, looks like it doesn't fit with the "Street" size you might actually wear, so be careful if you order without being measured. What stores carry it, meeg?
  • MeegMeeg member
    amazon.com, laceandlingerie.com, classicshapewear.com, galapagosboutique.comThe store I was in was called Fashion to Figure. I think it's a NY/NJ thing. The first time I saw it was in the Green Acres mall. (Greeeeeeeeen acres is the place to be)
  • I just looked this up on Amazon and this is totally what I need.  Thanks! Although I nearly had water come out my nose with the pictures of men wearing them! 
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