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So we are on a super budget, 70 days to go, and I feel like things are falling into place.  Just got all of our invites from Vistaprint for $21.98, all addressed, free centerpieces completed (our place offers candles and the mirror)-borrowed free chargers from a friend  (that are very pretty) candle holders and candles, finally met with our cake lady and have that checked off, getting my dress altered this month, co-worker found a stylist to come to the hotel and do our hair for $30/person, figured out rehersal dinner, etc!  Everything going soooo smoothly!BUT FI and I have been at each other's throats!  Not anything really wedding related, just everyother little detail in our lives...I had a great crying session a few days ago (it's always nice to have one of those)....but whew, is this just me, or is this normal??thanks for listening, I feel a little better :)

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    Not just you, and very normal...I have cried 2x this week, and hopefully that will be it until the wedding... but i highly doubt it.
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    I cried like 5 times yesterday, and my fi and I fight constantly.  In my opinion, it's very normal.  Try not to worry about it, things will get better :)
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    Definitely normal and it will get better.  Just try to remember why you love each other and why you're getting married.  That seemed to help me when I was getting stressed :)
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    Completely normal! M and I often got in arguements about stupid things.  We both were just stressed out and easily irritated.  It's been pretty smooth sailing since the wedding is over.  We're back to our normal happy non-fighting selves!
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    Yeah, don't worry one bit. It's totally normal... It's all good.  My FI and I have been arguing more since we got engaged as well. Idk what it is, but i guess it's not too abnormal. :)
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