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9 days to go, pray for me ya'll, I haven't slept in 3 nights and it's starting to show.


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    awww!!! everything will be great! get some sleep tonight! sending knottie vibes your way!!!!
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    Awesome!  9 days is going to FLY!
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    YAY to the 9 days but BOO to the not sleeping -- did you get a chance to chill-lax with FI a few weekends ago to get some of that stress off of you??...breath girl, you can do it...write out everything thing you need to do and then start picking away at the list...give yourself 1 or 2 days before the wedding to not have to do anything wedding related except for your beauty regiment (sp)...HTH!  :)
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    Latrice,girl...please breathe!! Try your best to stop stressing. I know it's easier said than done. PRAY! MEDITATE! TAKE A LONG HOT BUBBLE BATH! It's going to be a wonderful day!
  • latrice946latrice946 member
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    Thanks ladies, your words of wisdom are really helping to calm my nerves
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    Aww congrats!  I finally hit double digits.  This time will pass by so fast for you.  Get some rest.  I'm sure everything will be beautiful!
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    Congrats!!!! U beeta get some sleep!! U gotta look good for the big day!!
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    Yay your day came so fast -- try and get rest when you can I know your getting all your last minute details done -- most of all enjoy your wedding day!
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    OMG.. its almost here!! Relax its going to be a beautiful day! Get u some rest!
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    Everything is going to be Great!!! Try to get some rest!!!
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    I totally understand! I've had a stress headache for the past two days and I highly doubt it's going anywhere. I lost weight because I don't have time to eat because all I do is run around and do wedding stuff. My alterations lady told me I can't loose any more weight because Tuesday is the final fitting and that's it.
  • ChiAKA2002ChiAKA2002 member
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    Yep, I totally understand. We have 9 days left too. I am sitting on my couch trying to decide if I should go over to my mom's and work on the seating cards, or just grab something to eat and lay down.
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