Is it ok for FI to go with me to bridal show?

Hi ladies!  As you guys probably know, there is a bridal Show this Sunday at the Cobb Gallieria.  My FI is very involved with the planning and when I mentioned going to the show he said, "I don't mind going with you."  At first I was so excited, a FI that is that involved!  But now I'm starting to wonder, do FIs usually go to bridal shows?  Will he be the only guy in the place? 

Re: Is it ok for FI to go with me to bridal show?

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    I am planning on going too! My sister will be in town so Im atleast going with her, but Im not sure if I want to drag FI along either. I don't think he'll be the only guy in there, in fact, there will probably be a lot of FI's that are involved or that girls conned into going.I would say bring him...esp. if he's pretty involved cuz he would probably want to see all the cool stuff/ideas you find.
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    mine went with me this past January and he actually enjoyed it.  There weren't many guys there but there werew some.
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    When I went last year, I didn't take FI - but I saw a few other guys there.  If he's interested, take him along - it'll be fun. :)
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    My H went with me to the one that we did go to.  All in all, I don't think it was that helpful, but there was free food, so he was happy. 
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    I always take mine to these things. If he wants to go let him. He'll either love it or will have learned his lesson. Personally, I learned my lesson a long time ago.
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    I took mine to one a few months ago and they actually had contests for the couples that were there. We ended up winning half off of a getaway car! I wish I was in town this weekend - I'd love to go to the show!!
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    FI went with me to at least one that I can remember.  He is pretty involved in the planning too and he enjoyed it I think. Although I don't think he would ever admit it.
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    Thank you for the advice!  I'm pretty excited about him going, even if it is just so he can try all the cake!  Anyone else going?
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