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Well, it's been 17 days since we've gotten married and it was fantastic!! Also, sorry for the delay w/ the reviews, it was a hectic few days in Vegas and we went right on our honeymoon. Planet Hollywood: A. THe suite had an AMAZING view, HOWEVER, we ended up wit the SAW suite. It was very bizarre but I was so tired and so much to do that I didn't even bother getting a new one. It did make for great conversation though. We had about 35 people there and there was def enough room for everyone to sit, have a good time and even dance. Todd Wilson: A++++. He took us on a short foot tour through PH and Paris. We got our photos back yesterday, so just a little over two weeks. I love the ones that he picked to print and LOVE that he gave us a dvd will all of the pictures. Everyone had a great time with him and no one even noticed that he was there. He caught some great moments. He is a def recommendation to anyone who may be interested. Lori White: A. She did a phenomenal job. She ran a few minutes late, but that was ok as I was too! She was a lot of fun while I was sitting in that chair too. She was even nice enough to squeeze my grandmother in for hair and a little makeup and only charged $25 for her. In my opinion, we all looked gorgeous. Cashman: B. I only had them for the ceremony and chose to forego the pictures in the chapel afterwords. We got 24 prints w/ our package and it was difficult to choose those 24. The sales lady was also a little high pressure when she was trying to sell us the rights to the 55 pictures for 500 DOLLARS!!! I dunno, maybe it was just me and my husband, but that seemed a little outrageous. Jasons Deli: A. We had them deliver some food as PH was way to expensive to order through. The food was great and we got just enough of it. They were on time and very friendly. Honeymoon: Norwegian Cruise: A+. We took the mediterreanian cruise. (Im sure I spelled that WAY wrong). It was fantastic, what a way to see Europe!!! Everyone needs to go on this once in their life and NCL is the way to go. Well, I think that I got everything. And just to all the ladies that helped out with the wedding planning, thank you so much. Without this website and you ladies, my wedding would've been a wreck! I can't express how much we both appreciate it!!!

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