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September 2009 Weddings

"his wedding"

My fiance and I got engaged a little under a year ago & decided to get married this year. I was willing to get married in 2010 so I could have the beach wedding that I have always dreamed of. Unfortunately, all of the Saturday dates were taken for 2009 at the place that I want to get married at. So my fiance decided to start looking to where he's from and found a place which was completely not what I was looking for. Long story short, we ended up booking it because it was close to his family & friends and close to mine as well & was more cost effective then the beach wedding I wanted. To make my parents & my FH happy, I agreed with alot of reservations. I am getting married in less than 50 days and I will admit that I am not excited about the place I am getting married at. I am completely disinterested with everything to do with this wedding & he knows it. Part of me feels like I was bullied into doing this, but part of me feels like I should have spoken up. But I know even if I had spoken up, I would have made everyone more stressed out and angry. I thought that I was doing the right thing by him & my parents (who could afford the beach wedding) and now I am kicking myself. I feel like I should be jumping out of my skin and I'm not. Am I wrong to feel this way?

Re: "his wedding"

  • Lauren, I really think that at this point of our wedding planning most us feel that we should have spoken up about what we wanted originally. But it is too late to make any major changes.....Soooooo, how about doing a beach theme wedding? IF Fiance and parents are not willing to budge, you must speak up. This is your day too. I know how you must feel but we really must focus on the most important thing...we are marrying the man of our dreams.
  • Best of luck btw.
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