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August 2009 Weddings

Nosy Neighbor

So you would think that with 8 days left till your wedding, at least your uninvited guest issues would be done with.... yeah no. The neighbor 2 doors down, who we dont like much anyway and is kinda weird, cornered me on my driveway today, telling me that him and his wife want an invite to our wedding. I gave him the usual "Oh you know we kept it to close friends and family...gotta watch the budget." And he says "Oh but we at least want to watch you guys get married." I mean really? Who the helll invites themselves to a wedding a week before the actual wedding?
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Re: Nosy Neighbor

  • Two words Ak-ward

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  • ewww. what a creep.
  • That person's got 'stalker' written all over them. That is just flat out rude of them to impose.
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  • What did you say to that?!!  I feel like you left us hanging here!  I think I would have turned and run away Nepolian Dynamite style.Do they know where you are getting married?  I hope not, for your sake!
  • oh that's not awkward at all... I seriously don't get people!and yes, what did you say!?
  • THANK YOU!  My mother totally got an email from her friend, who is not invited to the wedding (mom sees her only once every few months for dinner date), asking the address to the church!  She then went on to say that anyone can go to a wedding ceremony...so it shouldn't be a problem.I thought that really only applied to funerals that are advertised in the obits....i dont care if she comes, as long as she gets she's not tagging along to the reception, but i found that super weird for her to invite herself to my ceremony...
  • FI's coworker did that...informed FI he would be back from vacation in time for the tail end of the reception and might make an appearance...FI told him not to expect food because he's not getting any....people are so rude...(and think an awful lot of themselves to just assume they're invited).
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  • Creepy. I get a lot of wedding crasher jokes, but I've ignored them. For some, it actually would be cool if they decided to crash the wedding. I've heard of people going to the ceremony to watch, but generally it's close friends that can't actually make it to the reception. This guy sounds like a total creeper. I'd avoid a wedding announcement just in case.
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  • Sorry guys, just got back home from a venue meeting. I pretty much just pawned it off on FI at that point- haha. I felt soo awkward when he kept pushing it that I just told him FI would talk to him sometime.
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