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African American Weddings

Heres my board Mycicy

Ok, Don't laugh...I got so frustrated, but I did it lol...http://i28.tinypic.com/35hmnag.jpg

Re: Heres my board Mycicy

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    It looks good.  Did you make by hand or with a program that places the pix for you? You having a destination wedding?It can be frustrating at first but I have a lil formula I go by now. I usually create a 500x500 pixel i-boards. Some people do large boards but I think less is more. Place the center first then work outwards.  There is usually one pic that sticks out that I like to feature. I don't like the pix to touch.  I always frame the i-board at the end. It gives it a more polished look.  I like to have 1 dress, 1 flower, 1 decor, 1 ring, 1 tuxe/tie/suit, and a few more incidentals like favors, invites, monograms, etc.The biggest thing is be patient...look for the best pix online.  Ones with clean backgrounds. I worked on the last 3 boards this week and it took a second to gather all the pix from places online.  But it is well worth the wait.  It is my form of putting puzzles together. LOL!Cicy
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    PATIENCE!! Woman please!! lol..I tried using powerpoint..failed..then I ended up using a program called Mosaic? it took me damn* near 3 hours lol
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    LOL! You are funny. I have heard of Mosaic before.  Let me know if you aren't fully satisfied with your board I can most def put one together for you.  Let me know.Cicy
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    ok, will do...
  • edited December 2011
    well I like it ladysun and now I have a vision of what you've got going on in your head...LOL! 
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    ladysun -- could you please please ask lil_raven to add me as a friend on FB...she can find me as alfreda mc on there...I've been dying to get in contact with her just to see how's it going for her....thx!  :)
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