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September 2009 Weddings

PSA Niners-

Anyone who is FB friends w/ Sher or Hizzle might want to re-evaluate, since sharing IRL names and info with others is how they like to spend their free time. YWIA!
image Gone too Soon.

Re: PSA Niners-

  • And now, Sher, you know why exactly it is that I blocked you. Hizz...I'm sorry kid, but I really should have blocked you that day too.  Now I'm taking off my rose colored "But it's Hizz" glasses.
    [ Jill & Doug September 6, 2009 ][ The Lighthouse Diaries ]

  • So i should probably know this ...but would appreciate the help, what are IRL names?
  • Sorry Irchick22 - that kind of information can't really be given over a public forum, and chances are you aren't FB friends with them anyway...
  • Irchik-- It means "In real life" names
  • Thanks...for clarifying...im not good with all these acronyms.
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