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September 2009 Weddings

@>~~~ maryandkirk0909 ~~~<@

Speaking of the Aug Boston Niner GTG, do we know when and where yet??

Re: @>~~~ maryandkirk0909 ~~~<@

  • Aug 14 15 or 16. I think most people said the 15th worked best, so sometime between 4 and 6? The wedding I'm going to is at 3 in Cambridge and Sarina mentioned there may be a good martini bar somewhere nearby. I am all about the martini bar, I'm going to need it after all of the WTF that I'm going to be thinking during the wedding. :-D
    White Knot
    Stand up for something you believe in. White Knot
  • noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!I have a wedding in CT on the 15th... I'll be gone all day/ night =(Cant we convince anyone to make it the 16th???
  • I personally have no preference except for not during the wedding/ reception. Although if it really sucks I make no promises about not needing company later that night. If everyone else is game for brunch on th 16th that works for me too, but we have to drive home that day as well.
    White Knot
    Stand up for something you believe in. White Knot
  • I'd be down for brunch on the 16th. Can't make it on the 15th. Have a vampire themed bbq to attend! :)
  • Doug may be in a basketball tournament that weekend. If not, his bachelor party will probably be on the 16th...So, I'm down for a brunch date on the 16th. If he's doing the basketball tournament, I usually go to those - so, I could always meet you guys then going to the tournament after.
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