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March 2010 Weddings

cocktail reception

Any thoughts on a cocktail reception?  Too cheap, or a reasonable way to save money?  My fiance is laid off and we are really trying to have a wedding that lets our whole family share the event but doesn't break the budget.

Re: cocktail reception

  • i think it's fine as long as there is a sufficient amount of food.  my fiance's sister had a cocktail reception for her wedding, and there was a ton of food.  as long as no one goes hungry, i think it is a reasonable way to save money.  :)
  • cocktail receptions are cool, but be careful, sometimes they can end up costing more than a traditional sit-down dinner.the reason being is because there are so many more plates/dishes involved, more servers, and they have to allow for more "unlimited" food.price it out though and see :-)
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