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New York-Hudson Valley

when did you....

how long before you wedding did you register?In Sepember we will be 1 year out...thanks ladies :)Happy Friday

Re: when did you....

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    I started putting things on there about 9 months out I think. I mean you don't have to tell anyone your registered anywhere right now, and start one. When you find things you really need put 'em on there.
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    We registered right after we got engaged bc we had a lot of people asking to get us engagement gifts.  We continued to add things as we got closer to the shower though.
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    if you're having any pre-wedding parties (engagement, showers, etc), I'd register prior to any of those invitations going out.  If you aren't having any pre-wedding parties, then I'd register right before you send out your invitations.
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    Ditto pp. We registered well over a year before our wedding because we were having an engagement party. Although most people gave us money at our party, it was still nice to have the registry done because all we had to do was add to it or take things away, and believe me, we changed our mind about what we wanted a few times!
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    We registered about 10 months out.  We had an engagement party and we said no gifts, but people who wanted to give, gave us money or gift cards.  When Christmas rolled around and our families wanted to know what I wanted I said by off the registry cause we need everything (FI and I don't live together yet and both still at home).  It worked out well we got the smaller stuff for Christmas and the larger stuff for the shower. But as PP's said before any pre-wedding parties if having any otherwise before your invites go out.
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    We registered about 7 months out...before any of the wedding fesitivites (showers, etc) began...
  • Jenniferk08Jenniferk08
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    i would do it now. the registry is also great for birthdays and holidays between now and your wedding. for christmas my aunt bought me some of the christmas china i had picked out.
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