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August 2009 Weddings

How much time will you take off from work?

Not including any honeymoon plans - just for the wedding - will you be working the day before? Two days before? I get paid hourly and therefore try to take off as little as possible in general. We are driving up to the venue the day before (its 5 hours away) so I am taking off the day before, but I was wondering if I will feel too stressed by not taking off anymore time.What are you all doing?

Re: How much time will you take off from work?

  • I am working Monday, but then I am off until my wedding, August 7th.
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  • I'm a teacher so I'm not really working but I will be setting up my classroom Monday and Tuesday the week before the wedding, so that I am free starting Wednesday. Then teachers have to go back the Tuesday after we return from the honeymoon.
  • We are getting married Sunday 30th, my last day at work is Tuesday 25th. So I will hav 4 days off before. All of our family flys in on the 26th so we're just gunna have fun with them while they're here.
  • I am getting married Friday the 7th so I took off from this Saturday on.

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  • I am working the Monday and Tuesday the week of the wedding. My rehearsal is on the Wednesday and I just want time to chill. I am paid hourly but justified it because FI is a teacher and if off work and I want to be too!
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  • My last day of work is tomorrow. My wedding is the 8th
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  • I'm only getting a half day the Friday before my wedding. Honestly, I've been doing a lot of WD stuff at work so I figured I can get paid and plan. It is contributing to my stress levels though so I wish I didn't have to work.
  • Weddings August 22.I will be taking from August 18 to 31st off. I have so much family coming in from outta state I would like to be able to visit with them before the wedding madness begins.
  • I should definitely take off the Friday before then! Its the only time we will ever take off for getting hitched so its justifiable :)
  • I've already taken off 2 half days for wedding related things earlier this month and today. Next week I'm working all week, wedding on 8/8. My manager is out and I'm the most senior in the dept, so I'm in charge and I have to be in everyday. I've been doing a lot of stuff on the weekends and evenings. FI is off some mornings, so he runs other errands for me then too.
  • I am only taking the Friday before and the week after plus Monday for the honeymoon.  Wedding is August 15, so 14-24 (wow that seems like a lot.)  I don't feel the need for full days off...we'll see though!
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  • Let me just tell you I am getting married Sunday and I went to work all this week including today. It sucked. I had to come home and stay up late getting stuff done and I would not recommend it. At least take off two days before...trust me!
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  • I'm getting married the 15th and my last day of work is the 8th.
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  • I'm a teacher too, and I just finished teaching summer school on Thursday, so I am off until the wedding.  I did however make sure to get my room set up before I finished summer school because we will be gone on our honeymoon from the 10th through the 14th, then I come home and have Sat. and Sun. off and then start back to school on the 17th...(UGH, summer is almost over and I am SO not ready to have kids again!  This is honestly the first year I have dreaded going back...)
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  • I have summers off(even though I've worked 6 days this summer--but no one planned any workshops around  my wedding--cute, I know) . . .FI has two days off before, the day of, and the day after off(he really is lucky he's getting three extra days off with his job. . .I'm thankful to his boss for his generosity!).
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  • Since I have been stressed with both the planning and school, I'm taking a total of five days off of work. I'm taking off 3 days before the wedding for any last minute stuff (and to relax) and taking off Monday and Tuesday, returning to work on Wed. Aug 19th.
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  • I think I'm taking Wednesday through Tuesday off. I have lots of vacation time that I've been saving up for the wedding.
  • my wedding is next Saturday and I'm only taking off Thursday and Friday.
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  • I'm working Wednesday the 6th my little part time morning job. and then off until Tuesday morning at 10am.
  • I took the whole week before off to get ready. I talked to an old freind after her wedding and she had just had off Wed and the rest of the week, she said she was stressed and reccomended not to take any time less than the whold week before off. I was actually just thinking the other day to take off the friday before that too, but I didn't.
  • My wedding is the 15th, and I am taking off the Thursday & Friday before.
  • I'm unemployeed right now so I have all my time off. but it's alot of travaling back and forth for me to.
  • I'm getting married next Sunday. Taking off Thursday of this week through next Friday. We both get two weeks of paid vacation so we're using one week for the wedding and one for the honeymoon in September.
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  • We're getting married on the 8th and I'm taking off Thursday and Friday.
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